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Blanch Venture Capital

    Business owners, chief financial officers (CFOs), operations managers and finance directors who are seeking competitive financing proposals to fund their equipment acquisitions look to direct lender Blanch Group. Our company, has a division that specializes in working with Venture Capital (VC) firms to provide innovative debt financing solutions for their active portfolio companies. Our experienced team facilitates debt financing solutions for our clients by working directly with diverse private equity groups and their portfolio of companies nationwide. With Blanch Group’s assistance, you can acquire the equipment, vehicles, and technology your company needs with a tailored private debt financing program. As you are well aware, private equity and/or debt financing is complex and requires a high level of knowledge and expertise. The Blanch Group has solidified a strong competitive advantage by staffing private equity financing specialists with extensive experience in a wide variety of business industries. The scope of our expertise, along with our large lending power, makes us an excellent financing resource for your company.

    Blanch Venture Capital & debt financing with Blanch Group presents you with two key benefits. First, it gives you access to more capital than your bank is typically willing to finance in Multiple Currencies and Crypto Currencies. This enables you to acquire equipment for your company when the lending from your bank has diminished. Second, private equity debt financing helps you optimally manage your capital resources. By using Blanch Venture Capital & debt financing for your portfolio company, you can preserve your capital and utilize it for other strategic initiatives.