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    The Blanch Automotive is taking leadership role in the energy related industries with our worldwide mission to Build State of the art Technology Advance Alternative Vehicles, manufacturing, and sales project. Blanch Automotive will simultaneously help fulfill the growing world Alternative Energy demand while supporting economies with the development of “Green” Alternative Vehicles, manufacturing plants, and corporate Sales/Service Centers for marketing the production. Our Goal is to create and build Techonoly in vehicles that benefits the way of life. Digitizing Vehicles even more. As it is mind blowing that car depreciates value the day you brought your car of the dealership lot, therefore, we create our vehicles that won't depreciate in value that fast with Techonology Advance essentials we have a plan. The Blanch Automotive Products are marketed with more techonolgy, safe, and help reach your destination with prestige helping with your daily lives in way in a well organized matter. Blanch Automative a great product and investment your families can enjoy.