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The Blanch Corridor

The Blanch Corridor is a Smart City, unique Concept thus creating a unified environment for Residential, Commercial, and entertainment, a full economic hub. We are here to Bring you a Global Opportunity.

The Blanch Corridor is a dawn of a revolution in starting the path for a Global Resource Economy. A Society with a quest for Social Change, a path for better human rights are way a life and a Global Economic Hub a Business to Business Center with Peace where the mix amenities of luxury meets Advance Technology for Everyone. We create a City to Better Educate one another, Take care of another, and take care of the environment at least to start Unifying one another for human rights as we are created equal.

In a Global Resource Economy everyone has the opportunity to access to resources without the discrimination of low, middle, or high class. In Global Resource Economy Everyone is treated equal beyond politics, poverty, and war. We create an automated system to head to the path their is no need to fight for human rights. This system in a Global Resource Economy the world will be autmated and bypass crimes. An Emerging Global Resource Economy will make the environment clean, educational, innovated, and an evolving culture.

The First Entrance of The Blanch Corridor is Business Center with Shape Shifting Rotating Skyscraper project will welcome a Hotel, Office Spaces, and luxury apartments, whose every room will enjoy views both on ends of your vision.

The Rotating Tower brings three main futuristic aspects, three revolutions. The first revolutionary aspect is related to the shape of the building, which changes continuously. It is “Architecture as Part of the Environment”, adjusting to the sun and the wind, to the view and to our momentary requirements. Each floor, in fact, can rotate separately, changing every second the shape of the building. You can therefore wake up with the sun rising into your bedroom and enjoy the sunset over the ocean at dinner time.

The shape shifting rotating Skyscraper takes on shapes imposed by time and life, never appearing the same in any two given moments. It is the first building to have four dimensions: Designed by TIME, shaped by LIFE. This will be promoted in an Entertainment medium with Shopping centers, Digital Museums for Educational Centers, Conference Centers, Ball Rooms, Performance Arts Center, Offices, Resort, Residential, and Office Space. We must create the entrepreneurial base, the skills, and the commitment needed to save and conserve Energy which is divinely designed to sustain life on Earth.